Tim Behling

School of Leadership Development

Service Description

The Tim Behling School for Leadership Development specializes in youth mentoring and engagement targeting students within the rank of middle school, high school, and college.

Services include multi-day programs and workshops, teambuilding activities, guest speaking appearances, and classroom instruction in alignment with current curriculums.

Key Topics for Students

Leadership & Character Development

Unlock your full potential with skills used by successful leaders. Prioritizing soft skills and

• Public Speaking & Effective Communication
• Soft Skill Development
• Dress for Success & Etiquette
• Purpose, Self – Awareness, and Goal Setting

Youth Empowerment & Teambuilding

Develop confidence and social skills with proven techniques to spark long lasting relationships & improve morale. Journey through traditional and nontraditional environments to spark creativity and value amongst team members.

• Team – Based Challenges & Projects
• The Importance of Collaboration & GroupThink
• Trust Development & Conflict Resolution

The Importance of Education & College Prep

Prepare your students for the next level of education by exposing them to the endless opportunities post – graduation at every level of academic success.

• Motivation to Succeed in the Classroom
• The 5 Year Plan for Middle School & High School Students
• “College is Option” – How to Accomplish Your Goal of Going to College
• Being More than an Athlete

Entrepreneurship & Career Readiness

Learn business tips & effective strategies to successfully become a next-gen entrepreneur. Receive guidance and mentorship on the path toward identifying potential career paths & interests.

• Creation of Personal Roadmaps & CDPs (Career Development Plans)
• Career Fair Access & Job Shadowing
• Entrepreneurship 101: How to Start A Business
• Branding: Keys to Building a Profitable Brand & Marketing
• Financial Literacy
• Interviewing Skills

Essential Life Skills for Young Men

Practice real skills that will last a lifetime prioritizing the goal of becoming a young men who can thrive throughout his community, personal & professional goals, and achieve multi-realm success.

• Character Development & Discovery of Gentleman Behavior
• Relationship Building; Valuing Others
• Dress for Success
• Financial Literacy & Life Management
• Conflict Resolution. Decision Making, & Effective Communication
• Blue Collar Life Skills

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