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School of Leadership Development for Organizations

Service Description

The Tim Behling School for Leadership Development specializes in Organizational Culture Development; Corporate Teambuilding, and engagement targeting businesses and organizations ranging from small to large.

Services include multi-day programs and workshops, teambuilding activities, guest speaking appearances, and organizational leadership retreats in alignment with current curriculums.

Key Topics for Adults

Organizational Culture Development

Create an identity within your organization implementing practices geared toward the building of a sustainable culture and foundation.

• Orientation Hosting & New – Hire Engagement Sessions
• Employee Appreciation Events
• Enhance Productivity & Morale
• Team Cohesiveness & Goal Alignment
• Improve Communication Techniques & Internal Involvement

Leadership Development

Develop the right leaders inside your organization through engagement, opportunity, and appreciation.

• Succession Planning & Mentor Alignment
• Soft Skill Development
• Purpose, Self – Awareness, and Goal Setting
• Talent Discovery & Appreciation

Team Building

Break down silos across your departments to build a strong relationship with your team members.

• Leadership Retreats
• Team – Based Challenges & Cooperation
• Conflict Resolution & Group – Based Projects

Growth Mindset

Increase your organization's performance by simply changing your team's outlook.

• Leadership Retreats
• Enhance Productivity & Morale
• Motivation & Empowerment Sessions
• Vision Construction and Job Importance

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September 6, 2022

The resume was very well laid out and articulated Perfectly. Immediately upon submittal to job posting sites, i Received responses from potential employers.

Antwan Young

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